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Promo Codes: Everything you need to know.


Promo codes: Everything you need to know.

We love promo codes - and we know you do, too. To get the most out of them, here are the facts you need to know:

Promo codes have
restrictions and expiration dates. Please be sure to review the details and disclaimer associated with the promo code you're trying to use. This information is located at the bottom of the promotional banner.

NOT ALL items are eligible for discounts. For total-order discounts (e.g. $10 off or 12% off your order), visit to view all brands that have excluded themselves from the sale. These items also do not count toward a minimum purchase requirement (if a promo code requires you spend a certain amount.)

BOGO items and promo codes: If you're buying any BOGO items, the second discounted item does not qualify for any additional discount and does not count toward a minimum purchase requirement.

Mix & Match BOGO: Look for the “M” on eligible items to mix, match and save on another qualifying item of equal or lesser value. Discount automatically applied to lowest-priced Mix & Match eligible item(s) in your shopping cart. No promo code required. BOGO discounted items do no qualify for any additional discount.

Not all codes can be combined or "stacked." Here's how it breaks down:

You can't combine two promo codes that each offer an order-level discount. (e.g. $10 off or 12% off your order). You can combine an order-level discount code with a product discount, brand discount or free gift promo code.

For codes that can be combined, enter one promo code at a time and then click "Update" after each.

Some email exclusive sales offer one-time-use codes that must be used by the account holder who received the email - if this is the case, details will be included in the disclaimer.

If you ever have any questions about a sale or promo code, don't hesitate to chat us or
send us an email.