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Brazil Uploading ID


The Brazilian Internal Revenue Service will require, from January 1, 2020, that all international orders and shipments have the identification of the CPF/CNPJ/Recipient Passport Number to have its customs clearance started. The lack of such information may result in a ban on the entry of the order and its return abroad or destruction, in cases where the return is not possible.

The Tax ID number is known as CPF (format: 000.000.000-00) for natural persons and CNPJ (format: 00.000.000/0000-00) for legal entities.

In order to mitigate the impacts of this requirement and minimize the number of items returned, Empresa Brasileira de Correios, has developed an electronic tool, through the tracking or portal "My Imports",  which allows importers in Brazil to provide their Tax ID number in advance, prior to the arrival of the shipment in Brazil. It will be necessary to register on the Portal, informing the CPF, CNPJ or Passport Number (foreign), as well as set login and password.

An importer can get the tracking number to be used for the tool developed by Empresa Brasileira de Correios from the DHL eCommerce Solutions tracking website, using the confirmation number provided by the seller.

After registration, do the search by orders and link the shipments in the environment "My Imports". Only after the provision of this information, orders may be submitted to customs supervision. For more information, visit the My Imports portal below:

My Imports: